Legal Philosophy

William “Bill” Stanger’s legal philosophy is to provide cost-effective representation, candid advice and personal service to his clients.

Cost-effective representation: Bill has sliding fees depending on the complexity of the work, from low-cost case evaluations up through litigation. He’s also sensitive to clients’ budgets, and will provide explanations and estimates at every phase of litigation, and propose cheaper alternatives whenever possible.

Candid Advice: If a client has no case, Bill will say so. Even better, if there’s not likely to be much of a cash recovery after paying Bill’s invoices, Bill will warn his clients. And if a client is just wrong, Bill will sugar coat it but he’ll still give the client the bad news. Clients appreciate his honesty and candor.

Personal Service: Bill understands that his clients have jobs and lives, and so Bill is happy to take calls and meetings, and respond to emails, in the evenings and on weekends. Bill takes the time to address every and any questions his clients present in as much detail as they care to hear.

Resolving Cases: The simple truth is that 99.9% of civil cases settle before trial, and that is particularly true for real estate disputes. The only issue is how much evidence and legal wrangling does each side have to do to get the case in a position to settle. Some cases go all the way to the courthouse steps, other cases resolve with a few well-crafted letters. Bill has learned that rude and unprofessional behavior by attorneys merely riles everyone up, drives fees and costs higher, and makes settlement harder and more costly for everyone. The only ones that win when attorneys behave badly are other attorneys. No client has ever benefited from attorneys holding grudges against each other. Thus, Bill facilitates settlement by maintaining a professional, courteous demeanor with opposing counsel, even when they do not respond in kind.